Top 10 Belgrade attractions:

  1. Kalemegdan park and its fortress is the largest free Belgrade’s attraction, with some great views
  2. Downtown area including Knez Mihailova street with shops of many popular fashion brands, the Orthodox cathedral, Kosančićev Venac and Dorćol neighborhoods.
  3. Republic Square with dominating monument of Serbian Prince Mihailo on a horse, is one of the main meeting places of Belgrade citizens, with lots of cafes, restaurants, and two most important cultural buildings, National Museum and National Theater.
  4. Skadarlija (Skadarska street) is a famous bohemian quarter where you can experience traditional Serbian food, drinks and live music
  5. Saint Sava Temple is the largest orthodox church in the Balkans, with the height of 82m, located at Vracar plateau. It was built at the spot where Turks once burned the remains of Saint Sava.
  6. Very popular “Belgrade Lake” – Ada Ciganlija, is a place that offers many forms of fun, especially in the summer time – swimming, water skiing, cycling, and all other sports courts, as well as cafes and restaurants along the lake shore
  7. Have an unforgettable nighttime experience at the world – famous floating clubs (“splavovi”), at both rivers, Sava and Danube
  8. Nikola Pasic square, along with the National Parliament, the Old and the New Royal Palace, are a downtown spot, not to be missed
  9. Discover the most important Belgrade museums – National Museum, Military Museum, Ethnographic museum, Museum of Contemporary art
  10. House of Flowers  -  a place where Josip Broz Tito, a World famous communist leader of Yugoslavia, was buried




Serbian cuisine offers a great variety of tastes, since it is very heterogeneous one, influenced by Greek, Turkish, Hungarian and Austrian cuisines. Serbs have an extreme passion for food, often accompanied with a wide range of alcohol beverages. The Serbian cuisine is rich in fat meals, and almost every dish contains meat.


Tri Sesira Restaurant - Three hats Belgrade restaurants

Address: Skadarska 29
Location: Center Skadarlija, Phone for reservations: +381 62 9631 891One of the oldest, legendary - domestic food restaurants in Belgrade...


Dva Jelena Restaurant - Dva jelena, Belgrade restaurants

Address: Skadarska 32
Location: Center Skadarlija, Phone for reservations: +381 11 7234 885

Heart of Bohemian Belgrade, one of the oldest restaurants in Belgrade...


Lorenzo and Kakalamba Restaurant

Address: Cvijićeva 110, 11000 Belgrade
Location: Center, Phone for reservations: +381 62 9631 891

If one uses price/quality as a benchmark for comparison this is definitely one of the best restaurants in Belgrade...


Tribeca Restaurant

Address: Kralja Petra 20, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Location: Center - few meters from Knez Mihajlova, Phone for reservations: +381 62 9631 891

Heart of the city - fantastic selection of wines and Cuban cigars, delicious food...


Peking Restaurant

Address: Vuka Karadzica 2, Belgrade, Serbia
Location: Center

Of all the Chinese Restaurants in Belgrade we have to mention the oldest one and the only one that has fours stars awarded from the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Services...


Trpeza Restaurant

Address: Nebojsina 6, 11000 Belgrade,
Location: Center

If one uses price/quality as a benchmark for comparison this is definitely one of the best restaurants in Belgrade...


Varoš Kapija International Restaurant

Address: Corner Carice Milice and Maršala Birjuzova, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Location: Center

Varoš kapija is a Belgrade restaurant with international cuisine, Russian specialties, fantastic atmosphere and central location.... 



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